How to add applets to the Gnome classic panel in Ubuntu 12.04

After getting Gnome classic back in Ubuntu 12.04 I was missing something crucial for my every-day use of Gnome: the ability to add/remove panel applets and program launchers.

Right-clicking on the panel doesn't bring up a menu like it used to - but there is a way to get it: super-key + alt + right-click (the "super-key" is also called the windows-key)
This is also how you move or remove items from the panel, by the way.


Getting Gnome classic back in Ubuntu 12.04

So I finally gave in and installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop computer. Until now it was running Ubuntu 11.04, because I loathe Unity and Gnome 3 but I was starting to feel the need to have more up-to-date libraries and programs.

Fortunately I found out that I can avoid going insane, having the "classic" Gnome interface with pretty much the same look-and-feel as I was used to from Gnome 2, with a very simple change:

sudo apt-get install gnome-sesion-fallback


Template overrides for specific panel panes

So after some time bashing my head against the wall, I finally figured out how to override specific panel panes in Drupal.

Panels comes with a template file called "panels-pane.tpl.php" but you can't simply create a "panels-pane--my-pane.tpl.php" to override it, like you can with core template files or views.

This means you have to use a function to override the theme suggestion.


Arris password of the day generator - the actual generator


How to check if your LinkedIn password has been stolen

6.5 million passwords were stolen from LinkedIn (Slashdot, LinkedIn announcement, Mashable, NY Times) and a file containing them was released to the public.


Trustworthy Javascript learning resources

A friend of mine asked me what good websites I know for learning Javascript. Since Javascript is the world's most misunderstood programming language, there are tons of websites and blogs that contain misleading and even plain wrong information, so I wanted to give him a few sites that I know are trustworthy and have good content. I delved into my bookmarks and this is the list I came up with, which I now share in the hope that it is useful for other people too:


soapUI Exception in thread "XpcMessageLoop" in Ubuntu

If you use Ubuntu (and this probably happens in other Linux ditros as well) and soapUI spits out a Exception in thread "XpcMessageLoop" java.lang.NullPointerException, here's a simple "fix" for it: edit bin/ and uncomment the line

#   JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dsoapui.jxbrowser.disable=true"

so that it becomes

    JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dsoapui.jxbrowser.disable=true"


Why and how to use BCC when sending emails

What is BCC?

BCC: (Blind Carbon Copy) is an email field to which you can add several recipients, while the addresses remain hidden from everyone, unlike the addresses placed in the To: or CC: (Carbon Copy) fields, which are visible to anyone who reads the message.

Why should I use the BCC field?


How to enable WebGL in Google Chrome in Linux with a blacklisted graphics card

Update 19/05/2013: Andy pointed out in a comment here that there's an easier way to do this with current versions of Chrome.

  • Go to chrome://flags
  • Enable the flag "Override software rendering list".
  • Restart Chrome

Just like Andy points out, this «accomplishes the same thing, but via Chrome/Chromium settings and it is saved so doesn't require running via terminal or editing a shortcut parameters.» Thanks for the tip, Andy!


Arris password of the day generator

Just updated my Arris password of the day generator to include both a bookmarklet and an online generator.