Scientific Atlanta Webstar 2203c - how to access locked pages

UPDATE Aug 30 2010: you may also be interested in my Arris password of the day generator.

In my new house, my ISP (Cabovisão) installed a new cable modem, a Scientific Atlanta Webstar 2203c.

It’s a stupid modem. Really stupid. If I unplug the ethernet cable (or the USB cable, which I don’t use) and plug it into another computer, the modem has to be reset so it can adapt to the new hardware - these were the words from the tech support guy, not mine.

Anyway, I thought that it might have something for me to play with, so I tried to find out how to access the modem.

It is accessible via SNMP and also has a web interface, which doesn’t allow for anything else other than getting some (a lot, actually) information and performing some line tests - at least as far as Ive discovered.

The web interface can be accessed via but most pages are locked and the user is presented with the unfriendly message “This feature has not been enabled in your cable modem”. Unacceptable, of course! :) A quick Google search for “webstar “feature is not enabled” revealed a post in that contains the answer.

We can set the access level for that page via this web page:

The login information is the following: Username: admin Password: W2402

We can set the AccessLevel to 2, enter the username and password again, as instructed on that forum post, and there it is, access to all pages, except the “Advanced” tab. To access the “Advanced” tab and all the information hidden beneath it, set the AccessLevel to 3 instead of 2 and there you go.

One interesting thing is that this is not a “normal” cable modem. This is an EMTA, which is basically a cable modem and a VoIP terminal in a single box. I also noticed references to host names containing “voip” in their names, all over the place under the “Advanced” section of the web interface. Maybe this varies depending on the ISP the modem is being used with but I find it interesting that my ISP may be using VoIP for their clients. I didn’t know they were going that way. Let’s see how it goes!

Finally, I should point out that this username and password combination should also work for other Scientific Atlanta models, namely:

  • WebSTAR DPC2100
  • WebSTAR DPC2100R2
  • WebSTAR DPC2203
  • WebSTAR DPC2320
  • WebSTAR DPR2325R3
  • WebSTAR DPX2100
  • WebSTAR EPC2100
  • WebSTAR EPC2100R2
  • WebSTAR EPC2203
  • WebSTAR EPC2505
  • WebSTAR EPR2320R2
  • WebSTAR EPR2325R3

UPDATE: As requested by kukubau, here are some screenshots of the password-protected pages.

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'Config' page

'DHCP' page

'EMTA Log' page

'QoS' page

'Line Diagnostics' page