Like a girl

Today I saw this video on a friend’s Facebook profile (or “wall”, like it’s called nowadays, because “profile” probably isn’t cool enough - yes, I’m probably getting old).

I kind of like it. The message is a positive one, the music is good, and it’s not “brainless” like so many other similar campaigns. But I only “kind of” like it.

You see, I feel sad when I see things grow to a point when they are blown out of proportion and become so big, they start being the root cause of huge marketing campaigns to counter what was an innocent thing in the first place. I bet “you hit like a girl” was not an expression that someone came up with to lower young girls' self esteem or any such shit. But please, read on before you crucify me. What I’m going to say may sound like I defend that women are weaker than men in all aspects of society but that’s absolutely not the case. The simple fact is that women are “weaker” than men, and before you start throwing stones at me, try to understand what that phrase really means. I’m not saying women are worth less than men; I’m just stating a simple biological fact.

We, human beings evolved for a long time in the direction of having men perform heavier duties than women. And you have to understand that this was the way it worked for a few millions of years. Please listen to this: millions of years. I don’t expect everyone to understand evolution, natural selection or what those mean but I’ll make it simple: it engraves certain characteristics in us, in our genes, and the result of millions of years of evolution with men doing the “muscle work” and women doing less physically intensive work, is that women are weaker than men. I’m not writing weaker in between commas again because I hope you now understand that it doesn’t mean “less capable” or “less valuable”, but simply “physically weaker”, as in “not having as much muscular strength”. Yes, I’m generalizing and yes, there are tons of women who are much stronger than tons of men, but biologically speaking, that’s an exception to the norm. It has only been in humanity’s very recent history - remember, millions of years; recent history is 50~100 years - that the roles of “weak” and “strong” started to fade and we started to have women doing more physically intensive things and not being considered physically weak anymore. But even though it’s a long time for a human being, 100 years is a blink of an eye when compared to millions of years of evolution and maybe if society maintains this much more fair way of doing things, maybe in a few thousands or millions of years women will evolve to become genetically similar to or even surpass men in terms of muscular strength. Until then, women are still physically weaker than men, they are just not genetically predisposed to develop as much muscle as men - and that’s not a problem or something to be ashamed of.

Why is it a problem to admit this? It’s not saying women are worth less than men, it’s just stating a fact of life, a fact of biology. And yes, there are thousands of women who would kick my ass in an instant because they are much stronger than I am but that’s a stupid argument - the reality is that if you put 10000 pairs of men and women through the exact same physical training under the exact same conditions, maybe 1000 or even 2000 women will be stronger than their male training partner but the majority of the strongest will be men, simply because that’s how we, humans, evolved, that’s how our bodies work, that’s how we’re genetically “coded”. It’s not a handicap, it’s not a physical deficiency any more than a woman not having a penis is a deficiency, and it’s certainly not a reason to be ashamed.

So, women are weaker than men. Now that we know this phrase is not necessarily loaded with prejudice and is just stating a fact of natural evolution, let’s see why this subject makes me sad.

I’m sure lots of us will have been taught by our parents that when someone provokes us, the best thing to do is to ignore them, to not respond, to not lower ourselves to their level. So why do we do this with these sensitive subjects? Why do we listen to the idiots who use phrases like “you hit like a girl” with prejudice towards women, with a distorted meaning, meaning “women are worth less than men”? Even worse, why do we give them strength by coming up with these huge marketing campaigns defending women’s' rights? Educate people but not like this. This is just giving the trolls strength, it’s just we confirming that their provocations work and that we’re pissed by them. Stop it! Ignore them! Educate people by SHOWING them that women are not worth less than men but do it by example, not by shouting back at the idiots. “Lead by example” and shit like that, isn’t that what so many people like to say? So why don’t they do it?

This is not a problem unless we want to make it one. Women have the same rights as men and have had them for quite a few years now, thankfully. Yes, I know there are still women who are abused and treated as inferior but those are exceptions. Our society in general doesn’t do that. And if you want to talk about countries where women are not allowed to drive or talk to other men, that’s a completely different story. You need to regress society’s mentality back in time 100 years or more to be at that level and when you back that far, that fight is totally different. But as I said, that’s a completely different story. In the so-called western world, we don’t need this shit, because society has long accepted that women are not worth less than men and even though there ARE cases of women being treated as inferior, those do not reflect the society’s stance regarding this subject.

I know someone will eventually pick on this because even though it should be obvious, they’ll insist on misunderstanding what I’m saying, so I’ll explain it anyway: I’m not saying we should ignore cases of women being treated as inferior or abused. I’m saying that it’s annoying as hell to be constantly bombarded with feminist campaigns vindicating women’s' rights - women already have them, or have you been living under a rock for the past 40 years? Sure, let’s handle the cases where women are indeed treated as inferior or even abused and put a stop on it but for fuck’s sake, please stop the damn campaigns as if we were still living in the 1800’s and instead educate people!

This specific campaign is definitely one of the best I’ve seen and it doesn’t shock me - but it’s still yet another campaign about this subject and I’m tired of this kind of thing. It’s like a holy war. On one side we have the marketing agencies hired by health corporations that want to brainwash our children into thinking that they need to achieve these impossible - and fake! - standards of beauty, and on the other side we have the marketing agencies hired by who-knows-who that want to brainwash our children into not believing the idiotic propaganda of the other side. The result? “Casualties” on both sides at a huge cost to society in general, because we’re creating radicals and extremists.

But there’s more: by insisting on these campaigns, many of them completely idiotic and brainless, we’re not only feeding the trolls but we’re actually feeding the ignorance and idiocy we should be fighting in the first place. Doing things like a girl is not any better than doing them like a boy or vice-versa, not being able to throw a ball or hit someone else hard is not a good thing (but it’s not a bad thing either), and being a girl is not any better than being a boy or vice-versa. We are all the same! There’s nothing to be “proud of” if you are a girl, a boy or a snail. We were just born that way, we didn’t achieve it by hard work - those are things we should be proud of, things we achieve by working hard, by going against the odds and succeeding, by conquering ourselves; not something that happened by mere chance and we had nothing to do with. And yet, these are the kinds of message many of these campaigns pass, sometimes almost subliminally. That’s blind feminism and blind feminism is just as dangerous and damaging as machismo. To me, this is the worst kind of campaign: the one that in order to fight ignorance and low self-esteem, promotes ignorance and artificial and overly inflated self-esteem. What will happen to those girls who believe these things when they wake up to the real world?

How about this: instead of giving our children fucking iPhones when they are five years old to alienate them and somehow try to make up for the fact that their parents don’t have time for them, why don’t we change things so that parents have time for their kids and teach them to think by themselves? Why don’t we teach them critical thinking from an early age and thus help them to not swallow all the bullshit spread out in reality shows and fashion magazines? That shit is what causes the problem, not an expression that I’m certain was not meant to be insulting for girls. Why don’t we encourage our daughters to become as strong as they can be, instead of being what our society calls “girlish”? And you know what? If they don’t want to be strong, if that’s not their thing and if they prefer to be “girlish”, what the fuck is the problem?

As I said, there thousands of women out there who would easily kick my ass in an instant. And if you don’t like the modern distorted meaning of the phrase “you hit like a girl”, you should also kick the ass of the idiots who say it like that.

And by the way, nothing I wrote is exclusive to this “women are inferior” topic; it also applies to every other subject that is no longer an issue for our society in general but that some people still insist on waging war on, as if everyone else was still doing the wrong thing.

Wake up people. You’re dealing with the problem the wrong way. Our society in general has already grown past most of these issues and the remaining people that still have the old mentality will not change by watching some pretty campaign videos, no matter how well produced they are.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for those who insist on the old ways of thinking. Lock up the ones who go beyond what’s acceptable? I don’t know. But I do know that what we need is to educate people, especially young people to do things the right way. Pumping out campaign after campaign to fight these issues is like calling names back at the bully kid who called you names in the first place - it will only confirm to him that he pissed you off, which is exactly what he wanted. But again, running away is not the solution either, or he’ll know he can get at you every time he wants. Instead, just ignore him. And if he becomes too much of a pain or starts going over the line, kick him hard in the balls. He’ll learn the lesson. And I bet no one will tell you you “hit like a girl” anymore. Be the change you want to see. Just don’t feed the trolls, please.