Please don't use React

React is an impressive piece of software but most of the projects that use it would be better served with something simpler. People choose React based on false assumptions, prematurely deciding that this specific tool is the solution they need even before knowing what problems they will have. Because the vast majority of projects are much simpler than the scenarios React was designed for, choosing it ends up causing more harm than good. But for the better part of a decade, frontend developers have been taught that React is the solution for everything. Fortunately, things are changing and the frontend world is having a grown-up moment. »

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Software engineering is broken

Software engineering is broken and instead of enjoyable, it is now a source of pain, frustration and burnout. »

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Job boards for remote work

One of the biggest perks of working in software development is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. A lot of people tell me they don’t know how to find a remote job or project, though. Since I have worked remotely for the vast majority of my career, I figured I’d share some of the websites I use to find remote full-time or part-time jobs, as well as freelance projects. »

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The best desktop for programming in 2022

Here’s a simple guide to build the best programmer PC for 2022 - and just in time to take advantage of this year’s Black Friday. »

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8 reasons why I rarely sign an NDA

Now and then, somewhere along the recruiting process for a job, the recruiter will hit me with an NDA. I rarely sign one and in this post, I explain why. »

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Covid-19 Russian Roulette

Are we playing russian roulette with our lives and the lives of others? »

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