9 alternatives to Google Reader

When I discovered Google is going to shutdown Google Reader, I felt sad. Not because I am one of those hardcore users that had half of his social life in Google Reader’s social features (which have been kicked out some time ago), but because I didn’t know any decent alternatives.

Well, I decided to look and apparently there’s a lot to try.

I’m not going to pick one as my favourite, because it’s going to take time for me to play with them and see which one I like the most, but at least I can list them here so others can find them, and also for my future reference. I will also update this post whenever I discover a new reader I consider worth mentioning. Feel free to leave a comment suggesting others I may have missed.

Finally, I think it’s worth mentioning there’s a petition going on to ask Google to keep Reader going. You may want to sign it.

And so, without further ado, here it is, my list of alternatives to Google Reader:

And that’s it. What do you think? Do you know any others?